Mythical Yoga

Escape to a monthly adventure in sacred stories and mythological tales. We will use the practices of yoga to explore the archetypal energy found in a particular myth. Come with an openness to explore the facets of your personality while revelling in the vitality of yoga and story telling. All are welcome with no yoga experience necessary.

Mythical Yoga is a monthly class held the last Friday of every month 730-9pm at Brookside Wellness Centre at 435 Brookside Drive (inside the mall).

Follow @creativewellnessandyoga on facebook for up to date classes.


Examples of Past Offerings

February 2018; Hanumanasana; A celebration of Friendship.

January 2018: The Fool’s Journey through the Major Arcana.

November 2017: Lakshmi and the Churned Ocean of Milk

October 2017- Blue beard

Sept 2017- Savouring moonlight with the Selkie Bride