I graduating from my Bachelor or Nursing Program from UNB-fredericton in 2011, only to promptly move to Vancouver, BC to attend acting school. I knew that I had two distinct sides to my personality that needed to be expressed simultaneously to keep me balanced. One was the social justice side, leading me to work for years on the Downtown Eastside in Harm reduction based nursing practice. The other was a deep desire to create and perform. While I worked at Insite, Vancouver’s first legal safe injection site, I auditioned for film and television, wrote screen plays and fell in love with the practice of yoga. My journey then took me to Vancouver island to establish a street nursing program in Nanaimo while taking my first 200hr yoga teacher training. In this time I also became a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner.

Although I think that my professional experience has been so valuable and empowering, it’s my lived experience that makes me authentic in nursing, teaching, writing and performing. I am no stranger to the shadow side which I continue to acknowledge daily through my personal health practices.

I have now moved back home to Fredericton NB to focus on more creative endeavours like teaching yoga and making art as well as continue my own healing journey.