Spring Fling Creative Cleansing

Spring is a season of dynamic change, re-birth and shaking off any stagnancy left from the winter months. This is reflected by quiet mornings with warm breezes, flowing water, and meting snow.

Every year, I prioritize a spring cleanse to help me leave winter behind and cultivate new growth going into spring. I know most of us here the word cleanse and panic…BUT there is no need. Cleansing, for me, is about taking the reflection of the winter months and acting on it. Generally, this looks like

1– what habits did I take on over the winter that are no longer serving me?

2- What can I cultivate to bring myself to a place of balance?

3- Who can I connect with to keep myself inspired?

4- What do I need right now?


Once I’ve done the reflection I can move forward and look at what do I need to support myself with my cleanse. ┬áSometimes this is a cleanse of the cupboard, the clutter in my apartment, or the clothing in my closet that no longer serves me.

Start with a cleanse intention of how long you will be cleansing for (I usually do between 10-30 days) and be realistic with yourself about what you can accomplish.

Generally, I approach cleansing from the lifestyle perspective. I start with limiting my screen time for 30 minutes before bed (VERY challenging for this little worker bee). Then I cultivate space for people who make me feel full and connected and limit my time for draining interactions. I cleanse my environment through different rituals and sometimes a deep cleaning.

If you are wondering about food here is what I suggest;

1- Reflect on the foods you are eating; whats helping or harming you, when do you feel sluggish after meals, etc.

2-Increase the bitter and astringent tastes. Dark leafy greens, spices like tumeric, sprouts and lots of herbs. Sometimes it really is as easy as just eating a cup of greens a day.

3- If you want to go deeper my cleansing ritual includes; leaving processed sugars, gluten, and alcohol/excessive caffeine and I focus on a plant based diet with LOTS of nutrients.

4- Follow the pleasure. If you can’t stand something do not force yourself to eat it. If you are creative in your approach to food there are always alternatives and ways to find deliciousness.

5- Consider adding a bitter tea to your regular diet or a tincture to assist. My favourite are from harmonic arts. I usually just add their liver tonic tincture and cleanse tea to my regular practices.

Happy Cleansing! The first couple days can be a bit challenging but after that you will notice changes in the body, mind and spirit. Feel free to reach out with any questions for me!!


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