I’m a mystic moon loving yogi with the flair for all things creative while keeping my virgoan feet firmly planted on the ground by working in social justice and feminist based nursing practice.

What is Creative Wellness?

You may be looking at me as a person or some of my work thinking “woah, that’s alot”, and it totally is. When I was in university, I struggled with my emotional wellbeing and thought of leaving every single day. Then I  re-discovered my love of performing and joined the local film co-op. Finding this outlet for my stress, self deprecation and loneliness was crucial to me finishing my degree.

Creative Wellness showed up again for me when I was working on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver working in street outreach and at InSite, the safe injection site.  I am an absolute lover of harm reduction and social justice but that didn’t make the work any easier. I faced violence, vicarious trauma, and emotional hardship dealing with death of clients leading me rely on performance arts and to discover journalling, creative writing, and script writing. The more I explored the shadow of my life, the more I relied on my creativity to pull in the light.

Life didn’t get any easier despite my constant desire for change and adaptation. Performing and writing lead to creative self reflection practices like tarot reading, aromatherapy, and teaching.  Sometimes I express by painting, despite being terrible at it, or I dance if i need a little extra release.

Basically creative wellness is how you approach your health and wellbeing through creativity or expressive practices. The more we embrace outlets to help us move through the shadows, the emotions, or challenges, the more we become authentically whole.

Why Yoga?

There are not enough words in my vocabulary to describe what yoga has given me in my life.  I have had the privileges to study with many amazing teachers, take incredible retreats and complete my 200hr teaching training in Nanaimo, BC. Since completing my 200 hour, I have taken further studies in Ayurveda for yoga teachers, Yin Yoga (50 hr YTT), Sacred stories of Hinduism, Advanced sequencing, aromatherapy with meditation, and the business of yoga teaching.

What Can You Expect From My Classes?

Most of the classes I teach are flow or Vinyasa based as its my personal believe that movement with connection to breath is a deep healing practice. I believe that yoga is a devotion practice of connection to self, our community of yogis and the broader divine. My classes always include meditation, pranayama breath practices and usually mantra or mudrahs.

My strength as a teacher lies in the emotional and spiritual aspects of yoga. Though my classes are dynamic and challenging, they are always geared towards the mental instead of the physical.  I am passionate about making yoga accessible and safe energetically. My cueing is non-gendered, trauma sensitive and sometimes a little wacky.

You may even get some sacred stories, dance or free expression in my classes.

Activism and Social Justice

I’ve always been a rebel in search of betterment of the world. I am an intersectional feminist and believe in the forward movement of social justice. All of my film projects and writing are based on this mentality and my intention is to continue to educate and bring understanding to some of society’s prominent issues.

I also teach free low barrier yoga classes in the community as part of a broader harm reduction strategy. This classes are accessible to all and sequencing is adapted to include empowerment of individual body types.